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minigame to "mine" ore doesnt work... i needed 10 resarts to understand that i have to use WASD still not sure if its right... arrows moving to fast i dont know when to push thoes buttons... scrap this game sorry

I really like the idea and look of this game, but I'm at a loss figuring out how to progress at all in it. 

I've mined ore, I've gotten the three different plants available to me, and....that's it. Despite it being billed as a chill game, I'm basically locked into this endless round of watering plants over and over again, with no real idea how to do anything else. It's feeling more like a chore that I'm pressured to do rather than a way to chill out, and there's no clear way to progress to the nifty colourful plants in the screenshots, or anything beyond the little area I'm in.

Do I have to fill up the area? Do I need a certain number of each plant? If I don't keep watering everything will the mature plants die? I don't know, the game doesn't really give me any guidance on that stuff. And the little guy who gives me orders doesn't give me any hints either.

Seriously, I'm at a loss.

y moon rocks nu wurk

Chill game, lots of fun. Great job!

Thanks for your feedback ! The game is getting better everyday, you can follow us on facebook or twitter(instagram and so on.....) if you wanna stay updated.

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hi, this game looks amazing but I'm having a problem with the ore minigame and I can't plant anything. I walk up to the ore and press F and the screen pops up, and I press the buttons it tells me to press but it tells me I made mistakes and I end up not getting any ore.

Hello birdsbian,

We're sorry to hear that :( I believe the problem come from the keyboard (this minigame was coded for an AZERTY keyboard and we forgot to make it work properly with a QWERTY keyboard) ^^Our bad, will be fix!

until then what buttons do we use? thanks

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hi literally jesus,

Until then you can use  Z as up key/Q as left key. S as down /D as Right when playing the mining game.


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Well I was pleased to give this a play, in its early stages but I can see this will become a pretty big game, found some strange issues here and there but I look forward to the full version.  5/5.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

Thanks Fellowplayer !

Your video is really nice and helps us to find way to improve the next version of the game :)

hello.  on mash up monday we play games and give feedback.  your our last game we played of the hour.

That was awesome to watch for our team ^^

Thought it was super fun. It's a nice way to relax and, just craft your plants to watch them grow (farm) Can't wait for this to be a full game with tons more plants to grow!

Thanks Raithias !

This kind comment is always good for the team morale ! ^^

And we will definitely add more plants to farm (with clear goal & quest to obtain them ;) ) if Terrafarming is chosen by our followers (and you can participate if you want ^^)

What a lovely game! Cant wait for more features! :) 

Sadly, the way to get the best results in the ore farming mini game seems to be simply spamming space. Apart from that everything works well and I can see a lot of potential!

Thanks Nimoras ! That comment is quite heart-warming ^^

This prototype was made within one week so we had to cut a lot. But if Terrafarming is chosen by our follower we will improve the minigames and of course add quite a lot of features that we have in mind.

Where can I donate ?

Hi Bitesized Development !

We activate the voluntary donation on Terrafarming when you download it.
Thanks a lot for the support!
That's really amazing of you to offer this appreciated support!

If you have any suggestion about the game feel free to talk directly to the team on our Discord ;)

This is an awesome little game,love the concept and I cant wait to see what you do with it

Waow! 😮
Thanks for being the first to financially support us on our journey to become IndieDevs!

We'll do our best to provide you with a great final version.
Don't forget to vote for it !
The poll is open on Facebook ("Waow!😮" is for Terrafarming)