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Up to 3V3 players fight waves of monsters for survival in a crazy arena. Unleash fury on the enemy team by capturing key spots like the Outpost or the Jungle Camps, get the favor of the public by completing quests and much more… Hold the monsters off longer than the enemy team to win the game.

  • Each team starts with up to 100 lives (based on difficulty mod), and for each creep that leaks through into the base loses 1 life. First team down to 0, loses!
  • The daily bosses will make you lose 3 lives each.
  • Take advantage of the daylight to clean the monsters’ camps and capture the catapults and the outpost to make them fire on the enemy team instead of your own.
  • Be wary though, for the waves will get reactivated every night! With bigger and stronger minions for more and more challenges.
  • Select your hero and jump into the arena. Level up your spells, buy custom items with the gold earned and explode the score on the world leaderboard.
  • Survive in 4 difficulty mods, alone, with friends in one lane only, or against 3 other players.
  • Get your name on the world leaderboard !


The battles in the Arena are here to settle conflicts between 2 kingdoms which have been fighting for ages. Kristamerah's empire and the archipelago of Hi’omatie fought each other for many years until their modern kings decided to choose a peaceful (and more entertaining) solution to their disagreements. So they made the Battle Arena and they sent their best champions to fight for their kings.

Our plans (to conquer the world!)

Get Me Out! The GMO of battle arena! is our first project. At the beginning we wanted to recreate a game inspired by Enfo’s Team Survival from Warcraft3. The initial team played a lot on this survival mod and we loved it.  As we started to code and think of the game design, the art and the backstory, we started to create a new game of our own.

We decided to release an enjoyable version of the game as soon as we could and ask the community where you would like us to go. We know that’s an “in development” version of the game made by a young team of devoted artists and developers so we decided to release it for free.

We want to continuously improve the game with many features like public interactions, new characters, other random events in the game and so on. Of course we need some resources to keep up the good work, so feel free to give us your help (of any kind: critics, fanart, reviews, virtual hugs or even money).

If GMO gets enough attention we’d like to open a crowdfunding and do the game we initially dreamed of. The game we’d like to do will have integrated streaming system and live interaction with the crowd watching the game. Of course we want to add lots of contents with random events, easter eggs, heroes and many more into the game.

We try to be as reachable as we can be, so contact us and follow us on Facebook, Twitter or DeviantArt.

And let us know what is it that you want to see next in GMO!


  • Our Team

Guillaume Mezino - Game Director

Jérome Grondin - Deputy director, FX & Sound designer

Alexandre Nicaise - Lead Developer

Mathilde Théologien - Art Director

Adrien Hingue - Communication, Legal & Administrative Advisor

Nassima Amir - Concept and Artwork artist, Freelancer

  • Special Thanks

Blizzardnia  (Amazing 3D work!)

Kherys (For bringing us into the light)

Tikoq (Wonderful logo and 2D work)

Achille Gourdin (Best Goblin acting award)

Mathias (Master of game balancing)

Salticidae (The Guild Master of “Les Pro(-)testeurs”)

Antoine Flavigny (Best Emoji’s tamer)

Joe & Marc (making kingdoms rise from thin air)

Morgenstern (Inspiration for better art and typo)

And to our beloved testers: Natacha V, Antoine H, Shiniboo, Lukwarm, Salticidae, Biya, Jack, Chewbacca, Princess chieuse, Jeannou, Biya, Romain B, Macacas, Sherkop, Eratyck, LolFandar (rigolo), Voria, Domino, Léa

  • A Big Up to the Unity Community, especially to:

Bright Shining Star

Maksim Bugrimov

Unity Solution Studios

Carmine T. Guida





Noble Whale Studios


Unity Technologies

Mikael Gustafsson


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